• Trip Distance 26 Kilometres
  • Time to Complete around 3 to 4 hours
  • Skill Level Easy

The famous Lap of Peel is a popular casual sail event often called up on short notice when the weather looks good and we want to go for a sail. The is a great track and an easy sail.

Caution : A great deal of water has to pass between Peel Island and the Mainland. Strong currents occur in this area know to us as the washing machine. Sail through it, it doesn’t last long and it is not considered dangerous, just be prepared for it. You will know it when you see this area as it will appear to be a confused sea with waves coming from multiple directions.

Exit Raby Bay and you will see Peel Island to the right and behind that, North Stradbroke Island. Head North of Peel if you are doing a lap of Peel or head directly to Peel Island from the Southern side if you just want to visit the Island. To the North of Peel Island is a Reef System which you can sail over with no issues. You can aim for the very tip of Peel Island adding a little bit of North. The water is deep enough to sail over in all but the lowest of Tides.  If it is a low tide, follow the channel markers.

Once you have cleared the Eastern tip of Peel Island you can sail over to Dunwich on North Strabroke Island. There is a little bay here you can pull into with benches and restrooms. Across the football ground is a very good bakery. From Dunwich, you head South of Peel Island and if you aim for the Southern tip on the Eastern side you will come across the famous wreck.

From here it is either on to Peel for a stop or continue in a Westerly Direction to continue the Lap of Peel. Caution : One the South West Tip of Peel Island is a Reef system that extends South. You can sail over this system with ease BUT once you get around the tip of the Island there is a couple of shallow areas with posts sticking up. Never sail closer than 300 meters to the shore here and always keep your eye open.  If in doubt follow the channel markers as per the map below.

Once around the Bottom of Peel Island aim for Raby Bay. It’s easy to spot from a Distance, look for the white building on the shore with a big Pine tree.  There will be a number of large Pine Trees on the shore, look for about 4 close together, then keep looking North and you will see the building.

This bit of water does get up a nice swell in a South Easterly Breeze. Keep and eye for the washing machine and have fun in it. When entering Raby Bay, you do not need to sail all the way over to the channel markers, you can short cut them but when you head West in Raby Bay, do not head directly for the launch Ramp, aim North of it or you will run aground. This is a great sail for a Sunday Blast around the bay. Raby Bay Boat Ramp Details lap of peel map