Join South East Queensland Hobie Island

Join Hobie Island Club

Anyone who owns or sails a Hobie Adventure or Tandem Island is welcome to join the South East Queensland Hobie Island Club for a sail. We hold a formal sail event on the first Sunday of each month and then various casual sails during the month. Sail Events are advertised here or on our facebook group page.

The club is all about safety and if you sail with us, you will be under our watchfull eyes at all times. If you havent sailed in an area before or are unsure of your skills, then join us as you will be guided and looked after. Many members of the club have years of experience on the water and in the Hobie Islands and there is not much we havent done in these.

We have an impecible safety record and in keeping with this we will inspect any new boat to ensure it is seaworthy and  require sailors and boats to carry a minimum level of safety equipment as follows:


  1. PFD’s for all sailors. These can be inflatable or any other type of approved personal flotation device. (Must meet minimum standards for the appropriate country of use)

2. Bailing device, hand pump mandatory.


  1. VHF Radio
  2. Mobile phone in water proof case
  3. Water at least 2 litres per person
  4. Compass
  5. Sunscreen, waterproof
  6. Spare bungs
  7. Spare rubber pins
  8. Anchor
  9. Paddel (either half for full paddle)


  1. Glow Stick
  2. Torch Waterproof
  3. Hats
  4. Epirb
  5. GPS
  6. Sea Anchor

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