This article will explain how to install the Hobie Island Spinnaker kit so that it works easily. I have been using the spinnaker for over 12 months now and have around 40 years experience sailing all types of yachts.

With a spinnaker you need to be able to raise and lower it fast. You also need to ensure that every part of the system is strong and will not cause any damage to the Island.

This method of installing the Hobie Spinnaker kit is based on the Hobie guide but refined and designed to make the lines run smoother. It is from a sailors point of view and although I have evolved the design further, this is the basics of how to make it run better.

Firstly Changes to the stock System that will make it run smooth. 


Swap out standard shackle for a half turn shackle so that the rope is running straight up with no twist.



Swap out padeyes for something more smoother and a system that will keep the ropes of the hulls. I have replaced the system with a small double block.

HALYARD – Major Change not required

Halyard has been brought down the side of the boat and through a small turning block into a cleat.

This next image take the return halyard that you use to retrieve the spinnaker and puts it through a block and cleat. This secures the spinnaker and stops it from pulling out unintentionally.

Hobie Island Spinnaker Kit Install Guide extra Block


As I sail mainly solo I have no use for the lower turn block at the back of the island which normally manages the second main sheet line.


I have separated the blocks that direct the halyard to the top of the mast for reduced friction. The block you see on the image has been upgraded to Ronstan Orbit.

Upgraded Block, the idea of using these bigger lightweight blocks is to make everything smoother, from hoisting the spinnaker to dropping it.

Hobie Island Spinnaker Kit Install Guide extra Block



The standard Hobie system has the sheets coming directly from the cleat to the Spinnaker sheet. In my opinion the Spinnaker is set to close to the sail and creates backwinding. On my boat the spinnaker sheets are set further out and run through a ratchet turn block.


There is nothing more annoying than the sheets getting caught around the base of the mast. I have used a toy fireman’s helmet to create a system that stops this from occurring. Hobie have made a product for this now but does not stop the sheets from dropping below the mast base and they still can get caught up.

As I mentioned, this is the older setup and it worked well. I have just installed the lifter for the top T section that is suppose to help with gybing but it doesn’t do anything (I thought the local Hobie dealer was having a joke on me).

As for the bag, you want that close to the hull and I line mine up with the cross member that you swing out to look the aka’s in place. If you put it out too far it will scoop up water.

Hobie Island Spinnaker Kit Install Guide extra Bag

If your having problems setting it or gybing CLICK HERE to watch my how to set the kite video.

To see more detail view the setup video of Beasty, my Tandem Island. CLICK HERE