How to Install the Hobie Tandem Island Spinnaker Kit

With a spinnaker you need to be able to raise and lower it fast. You also need to ensure that every part of the system is strong and will not cause any damage to the Island.

This method of installing the Hobie Spinnaker kit is designed to make the lines run smoother. It is from a sailors point of view and although I have evolved the design further, this is the basics of how to make it run better.

Please see the article on how to set and trim for using the kite. CLICK HERE

Front block

Swap out standard shackle for a half turn shackle so that the rope is running straight up with no twist.

Pad Eyes

Swap out padeyes for something more smoother and a system that will keep the ropes of the hulls. I have replaced the system with a small double block.


Ha;yward has been brought down the side of the boat and through a small turning block into a cleat.

Rear Halyard Turn Block

As I sail mainly solo I have no use for the lower turn block at the back of the island which normally manages the second main sheet line.

Rear Halyard Block to Mast

I have separated the blocks that direct the halyard to the top of the mast for reduced friction. The block you see on the image has been upgraded to Ronstan Orbit.

Sheet Blocks

The standard Hobie system has the sheets coming directly from the cleat to the Spinnaker sheet. In my opinion the Spinnaker is set to close to the sail and creates backwinding. On my boat the spinnaker sheets are set further out and run through a ratchet turn block.

Sheets and the Mast

There is nothing more annoying than the sheets getting caught around the base of the mast. I have used a toy fireman’s helmet to create a system that stops this from occurring. Hobie have made a product for this now but does not stop the sheets from dropping below the mast base and they still can get caught up.