Capsizing and Righting a Hobie AI and TI with Jason, Ben and Mike. This video is a capture of our experience and insights when capsizing and righting the AI and TI, we do note that this was in reasonably good conditions and we will look to replicate this in the bay to see the additional difficulties faced with the impacts of wave and wind direction and the use of a drift chute out the front of the yak to point the yak into the wind. Some of the important takeaways were; • Everyone should practice the capsizing and righting of their yak in controlled conditions, recent reports on capsize and rescue at the prom have helped highlight. Without this session I would have been ill-equipped not have known what to do or the tools needed to right my AI. • Having the tools and emergency equipment you need accessible when your yak is in the overturned position. • Having a life jacket that supports your head out of water for prolonged periods (PFD 100 or better) if you are knocked out from capsizing head up is critical. • Having a practical tether from person to yak to keep you in touch with the yak in poor conditions. • There are ways to make the tools needed small, compact and easy to deploy. Ben if you can supply some images on your righting line and person to yak tether it would be great. It was a great day and we all came away pumped from the experience and the knowledge that if you know how it’s not that bigger a deal.