HobIe Island Check List

Hobie Island Check List

HobIe Island Check List for ensuring you boat is in good order. Ama’s – Check integrity of shear pins that hold the Ama’s out, they are made of plastic and are designed to break if you hit something saving other more expensive parts from damage. Your Island would have come with 2 spares on the arms so if in doubt replace. Ama Securing Head. The arms of the Ama have a plastic fitting that you push in to the ball head on the hull. This locks the Ama’s in the fully…

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Hobie Island Introduction

Hobie Adventure island

The Hobie Mirage Adventure Island and Hobie Mirage Tandem Island truly are hybrid craft. Equipped with powerful roller furling sail, daggerboard, Mirage drive and even paddles, these boats are the ultimate, go anywhere, eco-friendly boats. Whether you are a complete sailing novice, or a seasoned old salt, the Mirage Adventure Islands offer fun times, the real feel of sailing at a budget price. Once you try one of these, you will wonder why you have never sailed before! Don’t Know How to Sail? Dont Worry ! Hobie Islands are simple…

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