Four Islands Sail


  • Trip Distance 24 Kilometres
  • Time to Complete around 4 to 5 hours
  • Skill Level Easy

The Four Islands Sail is help in the Southern End of Moreton Bay and circumnavigates 4 Islands. Launch from Victoria Point Boat Ramp and head directly South. Keep an eye out for the reef in between the boat ramp and Peel Island. It is fully exposed at low Tide.

Sail South  and you can generally sail over any sand bars in this area. You can go between Snipe Island andGarden island or keep Snipe Island to you left. Or you can sail between Garden Island and Macleay Island. Refer to the Green Course on the map.

When you get to the Southern end of Garden Island you will see a sand bar that stretches South of the Island. It is safer to follow the channel markers are you turn left at the bottom of the Island. Be very aware of water taxis and car ferries in this channel. It is narrow and you must give way to them.

As soon as you start turning left up the channel in a North East direction, Kangarra Island is right in front of you. Proceed around the tip of the Island and you will see a small beach next to a netted off area with a boat ramp. You can park here safely but keep clear of the ramp as the car ferry uses this.

At this point you will find rest rooms, benches and shaded areas.

The next part of the sail heads due east between Macleay and Kangarra Island till you reach the channel that runs to the East of Lamb Island. Head North through here avoiding the eastern bank where you will find mud flats at low tide and if you get stuck in there, you have get out and push off and you will sink in to the mud. Once clear of the Northern Point of Lamb Island we turn North West and aim for the Northern Tip of Macleay Island.

On this leg there is a sand bar in the middle of the course. It is clearly marked and you can clearly see it.

Once you round the Northern tip of Macleay Island head for Coochiemudlow Island. There is a big jetty surrounded by white beaches. We park to the East of this Jetty, not too far away but be aware of other people on the water or on the beach as you land. There is a Fish and Chip shop here very close  to the beach where you can order lunch.

The trip back is interfered with by the shallow reef in between the Island and the boat ramp. Head either side of it and then back to the ramp.

Venue Victoria Point Boat Ramp