The South East Queensland Hobie Island Club was formed in 2013 in conjunction with the World Wide Hobie Club. it is one of the most active and largest Hobie Island Clubs in the world sailing all year round.

The purpose of the club is to offer Hobie Island owners are regular sail each month to a destination somewhere between the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. We provide you with support to get you sailing and give you confidence to sail just about anywhere on your won.

Anyone in South East Queensland who owns an Island is welcome to join, there are no fees involved but we do ask that you meet out minimum safety requirements which are a PFD that must be worn at all times and bailing device which should be kept on board at all times. We communicate on the water via VHF radio, however this is not a requirement to sail with us.

All club events are overseen by a club captain or representative, generally there will be 2 of these people at each event, one will lead the group around the course and the second will generally sail at the back of the fleet to keep an eye on everyone.

Official sail events are help on the first Sunday of each month and are announced on this site or the facebook page. Then we may choose to hold a casual sail event during the month.

To get notified about an event please join our facebook group or register here for our news letter service that will email you with all the latest news and events each Thursday morning.