Hobie Island Spinnaker Gybe

Hobie Island Spinnaker Gybe

Hobie Island spinnaker gybe video in 18 knots to show you the steps I go through to complete a gybe without having the halyard get caught up in the main sail. The video contains a bit of sailing footage but towards the end you will see me gybe and then drop the spinnaker with relative ease.

I have added the extender to the top of the mast as the Hobie Dealer told me this would fix the problems with the sail and the halyard.  Honestly a complete waste of time and expense. It is a quirk of the boat, develop a system to manage the gybe process and master it. To have the extra boat speed negates any difficulties with the main sail.

Step 1. Furl the main sail in so that the top T section is rolled up and will not catch the halyard.

Step 2. Have both spinnaker sheets in your hands

Step 3. Turn the Boat slowly and start sheeting the spinnaker on with the new sheet and try to keep the spinnaker full.

Step 4. Once the Island is near mid way though the turn on onto the new course, grab the main sheet and pull the main sail over.

Step 5. Now on the new course unfurl the main sail and carry on.

It might be a bit painful but it’s the way the Island is and it goes faster. Once mastered it is not that hard, just follow the steps.


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